SALEM’S LOT a new drama by Peter Thabit Jones

What if the Literature Department in Harpdydd City was run by aliens?

What if Rimbaud Baudelaire, the neglected poet, had proof of the infiltration of the extra-terrestial Melks, in particular their ‘Welsh leader’ Salem Glynn Viviann, Head of the Literature Department, into the very heart of Welsh literary life?

What if a renowned and respected academic, Dr. Llew Arson, discovered the numbers in the published Journals of Mary Mabinogion, the dead cult novelist, Salem Glynn Viviann’s special creation, were not from Roget’s Thesaurus but a secret code in which Mary reveals a bizarre ritual and the forced changing of her will?

What if the crashing of Mary’s yacht, the Daffodil of Despair, into an oil-tanker in Jarsea Bay was not accidental?

What if Plato Evans, a radical young poet and independent editor of The Radical Romantics, was a real threat to Salem’s empire, already under attack from the investigative television programme, Rebecca’s Riots?

What if a gorilla, a pirate, and two attractive young women dressed in red PVC macs, high heels, and stockings were to disrupt the televised Open Day of the Mary Mabinogion Month, an annual festival of events, lectures, and discussions, organized by the Mary Mabinogion Organisation, run by Salem?

What is real? What is fiction? What is Salem’s lot?


© Copyright Peter Thabit Jones 2016